Saturday, March 24, 2012

Clothes of the past

Some of the clothes I made 2005-2008-ish

Reversible cow/lilac pants

Polar fleece jacket and pants. Jacket lined with cotton.

Corduroy overalls

Sweatshirt in cotton rich fleece aka cotton sherpa

I was so proud of this gorgeous yellow top, complete with my first attempt at a zip. I was devastated when I realised the overlocker had cut through some bunched fabric on the front and I had to take half of it it apart and put in a seam down the front. It went under a wee pinafore and the seam was hidden.

Christmas Day dress and matching headband, cotton velour

Long sleeved bib

Nappy/bib/wipes set

Sleepsack - cotton knit outer lined with merino


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