Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dress-ups for the kids

I wanted to try something a little different. Miss-7 loves to play dragons, so I did a google search for dragon dress-up patterns. I found this one,
Purple polyester velour, lined with green polar fleece for a bit of structure under the light velour, plus white polyester velour for the detailing - spikes and wings.

I was going to make one for Mr T in different colours, but he immediately requested a red ninja costume. Hmmmm ok, I can do that!
Red poplin, basic linen pants pattern from an Ottobre book, and the top from a kids costume book. I had to create the hood pattern from scratch, going by images from google and T's head measurements. Turned out pretty good! He was stoked!

I couldnt forget little miss O. She loves My Little Pony, and I had heaps of pink sweatshirting, so I made her a Pinkie Pie dress-up. I used the same instructions as for the dragon dress-up.

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