Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sewing and knitting update

So I knitted each of the kids a hat... mr T took his to school and promptly lost it, miss E's is stuffed at the bottom of her school bag, and miss O's is floating around the house somewhere. Don't you love it when kids show such appreciation of hand-made items!! 

After finishing their hats, I decided it was time to knit something for myself. I stumbled across a pattern for fingerless gloves and thought they looked like a bit of me, so I made some! The pattern is called "Ever After Gauntlets" and comes from this blog

Back to the sewing... 
Eyeing up my stash of random fabrics one day, I decided to do a sleeveless vest for miss O (with daycare in mind in a couple of months) and line it with polar fleece. Does she wear it? NO!

Winter PJ's for the kids. I decided to do flannelette pants, then buy plain long sleeved tshirts and applique onto them. This is how they turned out:

And to finish... a new tutu skirt for miss O.

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