Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dressing gown

Yes.. another project for miss O. To be fair, she was the only one without a dressing gown and with winter coming she needed one!
I actually made this about a month ago but she refused to wear it at first. I dont know why, just one of those things that seem logical to a 2 year old. But now she likes it.
I didnt have any nice polar fleece to use but I had a large piece of fluffy polyester fabric that has been sitting in my fabric box for ages and she would often pull it out and use it as a cape or 'wings'. I didnt have a pattern, so I made one! I like making patterns but I do need a starting point, so I used the DaRNCaT crossover sweatshirt pattern to get my footing. I measured miss O to get a length, then cut back the cross over sections so they would meet in the middle, and then put it all together, complete with colour-matching snaps.

I have been working on a set of Little Buttons Pop-naps since finishing the dressing gown, so I havent got any other sewing to show, but I have picked up my knitting needles again.
First project was a Milo vest for a friends newborn baby girl. Its so small! - but a perfect fit. I also gave her one of my Button Pie minky bibs - it looks huge!

Since finishing the milo vest, I have done two winter hats, one for miss E and one for mr T. Once I make ones for miss O (cant leave any of the out!) I will get a photo of them all. 

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