Wednesday, April 18, 2012

More for miss O

I like sewing little stuff because it means I am finished quickly, and can move on to something else!
Another dress for miss O. This one is pinwale corduroy with FOE trim - same pattern as one she has now grown out of (DaRNCaT).

This isnt the best photo - the fabric has been sitting in a box for a while and there are creases right across the front of the dress.

I whipped up a pair of leggings for her this afternoon. Obviously they don't match the dress !!! but I made them with denim skirts and dresses in mind. Maybe I will even get some black fabric one day for a skirt, and put some stripey applique on it to match....
The fabric is a 2 way stretch knit that has been sitting at the bottom of one of my fabric boxes for a number of years, waiting to be made into leggings. The pattern is also a DaRNCaT pattern, but as miss O is not wearing nappies now I used a smaller size but made the legs longer.


  1. OMG.... I adore those leggings. I have the pattern myself, but not fabric as cool as that. Would love some if you had extra time and fabric, lol :D

  2. They are cute aren't they! Unfortunately I only have enough fabric for 1 more pair and I will probably do a larger pair for miss O in a few months, unless there is enough for a pair for miss E. Then I can have matching girls! I have never done anything identical for them.